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  • New administrator for World of Ocicat (WoO)

    New administrator for World of Ocicat (WoO)

    Since July 10, 2024, I have had the honor of being the administrator of WorldofOcicat (WoO). I will make every effort to keep this site up to date in the future and look forward to your active help and cooperation! Franziska Ruprecht / CH*Spotted Beauty Ocicats, Switzerland Seit dem 10. Juli 2024 habe ich die…



    When considering whether you would like to breed cats, the first thing you should keep in mind is the law. It is very important to check the laws on cat breeding and ensure that you can be in line with them. The laws on cat breeding are not as strict as the laws on dog…

  • World of Ocicat (WoO)

    World of Ocicat (WoO)

    This website is created in the love of the breed Ocicat and the goalto make it more famous and popular among the people in the world.Here you will find pictures, breed-standard, breeders and lots of more. Please let me know if there should be some changes or if you thinkthat I should add something that…