This is a list of active (to the best of my knowledge) breeders of Ocicat.

The definition of active breeder: have been having a litter within the last 3 years, or our knowledge of the breeders is known as still active but having a pause for the moment. 


Cattery name Facebook Owner(s) Status
Jasmarezcats Jasmarezcats on Facebook Tracie-Anne Kearns  
Zayenah Zayenah on Facebook Amanda Herde  
New Zealand      
Abyrose Abyrose on Facebook Jodey Robinson-Wildey  
Chezami Chezami Kelly Payne  
Natscats Natscats on Facebook Natalie Ann Sandbrook  
Optispot Optispot on Facebook Julie Boyd  
Portfields Portfields on Facebook Emma Botemma