This is a list of active (to the best of my knowledge) breeders of Ocicat.

The definition of active breeder: have been having a litter within the last 3 years or our knowledge of the breeders is known as still active but having a pause for the moment. 

Cattery Name Facebook Owner(s) Status
Rain Forest Samantha Ughelli on Facebook Samantha Ughelli  
Mostacada Mostacada on Facebook Daniel Mostacada  
Shinkara Shinkara on Facebook Isabelle Ricard  

Cattery Name Facebook Owner(s) Status
Auxarcs   Barb Stewart  
Blackwater Blackwater on Facebook Sonja Moscoffian  
Calumet Cats   Fran Volkman  
Catiators Catiators on Facebook Anne McCulloch & Denise Clark  
Catoninetail Catoninetail on Facebook Kate Bynum  
Catzajammin   Ted Alex  
Chaoci   Deborah Metz  
Chisholm Trail Chisholm Trl on Facebook Alexandra & Jesse Chisholm  
Cosmic Spots Cosmic Spots on Facebook Joann & Anthony Allen  
Dalai   Virginia Daly  
Donamae   Dona Mae, James & Jamie Dough  
DotDotDot   Roger & Nancy Brown  
Virginia Daly Dreamsong on Facebook Daedra Marshall  
Eddoko   Sally McGinnis  
In2Spots   Lynn Boelter/N. Quigley/J. Bennett  
Karrklan   Ellen Karr  
Kezkatz KezKatz on Facebook Jerry Smith  
Keltoi   Tara Kozacari  
Konza   Donna Johnson  
Low Country LowCountry on Facebook Jacqui & David Bennett  
Mango Tango & Iruskha Mango Tango & Iruskha on Facebook  Patty Arnold & Cathy Kennedy  
Megadots   Dottie & Bob Ehlers  
Midnite Moon Midnite Moon on Facebook Robin & Maren Madigan  
Ocicountry   Don Bozeman & Jerry Katzy  
Ocigatos Ocigatos on Facebook Kathy Gumm  
Ocimanor   Russ Haller  
Ocimon Ocimon on Facebook    
Ociopia   Sherry & Shannon Campbell  
Ocipaws   Carolyn Causey  
PikesPeak   Dian Darr  
Purrfurdots   Trudy Kline  
Rockn‘ Spots   Mike Wagner  
Saga   Shana Otis-Kuhnert  
SpotOn   Mike Wagner  
Tavilus   Neil Quigley  
Tesserae   Rebecca Garvin  
Walnuthollow   Karen Hess  
Wild Rain   David & Carol Freels  
Wild Tracks   Sue Riley & Mark Henrichs  
Wind Haven   Carol Drymon  
You Wild Thing You Wild Thing on Facebook Lisa Bradford (email)  

For status of the American breeders
As far as it’s to our knowledge these breeders are active.
A more complete list of historical breeders, Please check the private site of Anne Conrad McCulloch site for more information, this due to copyrights issues!