as a companion

The breed standard describes the Ocicat’s physical stature as “ moderat“, and the same can be said for its temperament.

Many have described the Ocicat as being somewhat dog like, in that it’s aims to please its master and often recognizes its own name.

The Ocicat generally comes when called and loves to retrieve balls and toys. In fact, an Ocicat will often bring toys to its owner to begin a game. Ocicats take to walking on a leash with little training, and they love to go rides in the car if accustomed to it.

Some Ocicats seem to be fascinated with water, and they will follow their owner into the bathroom to watch her bathe. Few felines actually enjoy being bathed, but the Ocicats seems not to resent it as much as most. Ocicats are very adaptable and make themselves at home in almost any situation to which they have been introduced properly!